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Design and layout of ad, or inserts.

Production Contact 
Email: production@link-2-us.com

Media Kit 2017


When supplying advertising material, please ensure that the on-
sale date and magazine name are entered. This will assist in keeping 
track of your advertisement.
– Ensure that the order of consecutive advertisements and left/
right hand pages on double page spreads are noted in the material
– Please contact production prior to sending revised files and when
 sending revised files add an ‘R’ at the end of the file name.

– For accurate color reproduction, all advertising material must 
be accompanied by a 3DAPv3 proof created from the supplied file
at 100%.
– In order to verify that a proof is in compliance with the 3DAPv3 
proofing requirements, each proof must be supplied with the
 appropriate 3DAPv3 endorsed control strip printed next to the
– No responsibility will be taken for print color reproduction
when a 3DAPv3 certified digital-approved proof is not supplied.
– Advertising material supplied without a proof may be proofed by
 Link-2us Magazine at the advertiser’s expense. This proof 
will be supplied to our printers only.

 – Acrobat Distiller 6 or above is preferred.
– Files to be created in PDF version 1.3 or 1.4.
– Files to be supplied as single pages.
– PDF files to be supplied in CMYK format. RGB or spot color
 files will be rejected.


- All advertising material to include a minimum of 3mm bleed per
side where required.
– No text or important page content should appear within 10mm 
either side of the spine on double page spreads (total 20mm) due
to this space being optically lost within the spine of the magazine.
Using double imaging is at the discretion of the client/agency, as it
is not ideal for all pages within the magazine. If specifications and
measurements are required for double imaging, contact production
prior to sending advertising material.
– Insure that all text and logos are supplied to the correct type/
design area specifications.


 – Images to be supplied in CMYK format. RGB or LAB files will 
be rejected.
– 4 color black and white images should use a UCR separation.
– Images should be saved as PSD or composite EPS files and
 supplied at 100% scaling, 300dpi, and appropriate separation profile
– Link-2us Magazine will need to be notified if the
resolution of an image is intentionally supplied lower than 300dpi.

 – The total ink limit is 280%. Registration color in the swatches 
palette should never be used as it is made up of 100% of each color.
– Solid black panels should be made up of rich black (100% black
 and 50% cyan).
– White elements to be set to knockout.
– All fonts must be embedded into the PDF file.
– Due to the trim and binding variance, even distances from trim to
borders may vary during the print run, therefore we recommended
that solid borders to be supplied no thinner than 8mm and key
lines to sit no less than 8mm in from the trim.


- While Link-2us Magazine is committed to producing
a magazine of the highest calibre and will ensure advertising
material is reproduced as intended, the responsibility is firmly
 with the client/agency to supply advertising material according 
to our specifications. No responsibility will be taken if advertising
material is not supplied according to Link-2us Magazine
– Link-2us Magazine cannot accept requests to modify 
supplied advertising material.
– Advertising material will be archived for three issues and 
advertising related correspondence ie: MI’s, emails confirming
repeats etc will be archived for six months.
– Advertising material must be delivered on time so that quality
checking procedures can take place.
– Link-2us Magazine reserves the right to refuse any advertising material.
Contacts: production@link-2-us.com

Link to: Link-2us media kit